These works are from a juried show in Pacifica in July 2009.
All pieces are ceramic tiles 6" x 6".  The challenge for all the 67 artists selected was to create 50, 6 x 6 inch works in 50 days. Some artists shot photos, some paintings some drawings etc. I chose to draw on tiles. My drawings are all from live models. I drew directly on the tiles with an underglaze pen during the session, while the model was posing. The firing process is raku.
The term Raku (literally, "enjoyment" or "ease") for this kind of pottery derives from Jurakudai, the name of a palace in Kyoto built by  (1537-1598), the leading warrior statesman of the time. During the firing the tiles develope iridescent color, crackles and sometimes cracks. But unlike other ceramics the raku is a process where the accidents are prized as part of the work.
Tiles are $100 plus tax and shipping.
T1026                              T1027                                T1028                              T1029                               T1030                             T1031

T1032                              T1033                               T1034                              T1035                               T1036                             T1037

T1038                             T1039                              T1040                              T1041